my phoenix rental home

vacation home managementFor many landlords and landladies, a property management company that can offer them great services and lessening the hassle to rent the property, particularly vacation homes. Basically, there are quite many benefits of hiring such company to manage your vacation rental home in Phoenix AZ. Here are some of those benefits:

Reduced tax stress

In Phoenix, rental incomes need to be reported just like a trade or business does, with every payment made to gardeners, plumbers, accountants, decorators and other involved contractors requiring information return to IRS. A property management company can deal with most of this annoying paperwork for their clients (landlords) and/or keep some meticulous records, which helps you have accurate, up-to-date tax fillings and also avoid any fines.


Being a property owner, especially a landlord means managing the tenant details, the physical property and other personal and business concerns. Hiring a good property management company to care of these things can save you a lot of work and expenses, this will result in fewer anxiety and headaches and a higher return on investment.


map of arizonaThis is another advantage of having someone take care of your rental property, especially when living away from its location. A local property management company in Phoenix will have quicker access to your rental properties, saving you the effort and time of going there yourself, particularly if you live out of the city. For instance, these companies will perform or recruit others to perform regular repair and maintenance to your property. This helps prevent further damage, hence saving you unnecessary expenses. These professionals will also be the frontline in case of occurrence of an accident or any act of nature that damage your rental home.

Long term savings

The vigilance of a property management company that keeps your tenants and property under scrutiny assures that you will get the best out of both. They are there to make sure any slightest issue in your property is dealt with while small; for instance, plumbing repairs and bathroom renovations can save you from huge expenses over time.

Tenant interface

These companies can also perform a task, which several property owners would rather avoid; dealing directly with their tenants. These companies have a group of professionals who handle maintenance calls and issues, field all complaints and most importantly collect rent. Since you hire them to interface closely with your property and its tenants, they can quickly identify any issues with lease violations or late payment so that the appropriate action can be taken quickly.

In a nutshell, apart from these benefits of hiring a property management company in Phoenix to manage your property, there is also much more that comes with these agents.

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