Kennel boarding your pet requires you to investigate which kennel service would be the best choice. Currently dog boarding is huge, with so much competition in the business – which means customers are looking for high quality service at affordable prices. Pet Care Services Association instructs and accredits members who volunteer for scrutiny as far as pet sitting services are concerned. A simple membership in such an organization not only means the service participates in the group, but accreditation also means education and self-regulation are instituted.

However, you don’t need to depend on other organizations to select the service that best serves your needs. When seeking a place to board you dog in Phoenix, AZ, use the following guideline to help you make the best decision.

    1. Location and Security

The facility should be close enough to your home to allow you pick up and retrieve your dog conveniently. In addition, it should be in a safe location including the surrounding neighborhood. Large manufacturing industry, heavy traffic, and noise imply lack of neighborhood security. Also do ensure that the perimeter is adequately fenced and gated to prevent pets from accidentally running off.

dog boarding certification website

An example website of accreditation for dog boarding facilities or staff.
    1. Staff

Check to see if the staff is genuinely interested in the pets and dog boarding in general. Do they have an idea of what they are doing or talking about? At least some of them should have some certification/ training in dog care. How easy is it to get help from the facility? Are the employees courteous and friendly? Do you feel a sense of warmth? Somebody has to stay at the facility 24/7 as the pets should not be left unattended.

    1. Veterinary Association and Vaccinations

The facility should have a vet on call or consult with your vet whenever there’s illness. Inquire about their emergency procedure. Is your dog required to be current on vaccinations (rabies and kennel cough)? Is the facility willing to accept the full responsibility to administer medications to pets with regular prescriptions?

    1. Food, cleanliness, and contact procedures

Ask about their contact procedure in case they need to reach you or vice versa. How clean is the facility? Cleanliness should be consistently maintained throughout. Ask the feeding schedule and if the facility will accept your choice of food if you’ll have to bring it.

    1. Pet facilities, rates, and other services

Check out the lighting and ventilation, including heating and cooling. Can the pets play? How is grooming? How much do they charge?

These dog boarding tips from the kind people at will help you choose the best facility in Phoenix, AZ.