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5 Common But Dangerous Pests in Phoenix, AZ

Pests are aptly named due to the inconvenience that they cause. Common household pests are rarely peaceful, and they wreak havoc to our health, family and property. It worsens and becomes a difficult problem when these pests invade your home and breed in it, creating a more serious problem – infestation. Here are some of the most common household pests that you may find in the Phoenix, Arizona area and some ways to get rid of them.


arizona bark scorpionScorpions have more things in common with spiders, another bothersome pest, than you may think. They are both arachnids, and both are extremely dangerous because some species of scorpions are deadly and carry venom that is fatal to humans. The most common scorpion in the Phoenix, Arizona area is the Bark Scorpion. Its venom causes severe pain to the person when stung, and the area becomes immobilized and may also bring convulsions. Bark Scorpions hide most of the day due to the heat and their favorite resting places are wood piles, cinderblock fencing and rocks. They don’t burrow, but they only need about 1/6 of an inch opening in your home to gain entry. Scorpions are very difficult to eliminate and prevention is still the best cure for this pest. Sealing the house, taking the pain to destroy other bugs in your house and seeking scorpion shelters are some ways, but calling in pest control or an exterminator and entrusting it to the experts is still the best way to keep your home scorpion-free.


cockroachCockroaches are very common and they may just seem like nuisances, but they are very dirty and carry harmful diseases and germs. There are 4 types of cockroaches in Phoenix, Arizona that can live in your house and disrupt your day-to-day activities. American cockroaches are the largest of the pack and prefer damp and warm areas like sprinkler boxes and flowerbeds. Brown-banded cockroaches can be found in warm and dry locations such as your closets and kitchen cabinets, motor housings and electronic equipment that produce heat. These cockroaches carry protozoa and bacteria that cause diarrhea and gastroenteritis, trigger allergies and asthma. The German cockroach is the fastest reproducing bug out of the 4. They typically like moist parts of the house like kitchens and bathrooms. Cracks and crevices may also be home to them. These cockroaches can consume household items such as paper and cloth. Eradication of this pest is burdensome because they can multiply quickly and in the dark. You may try to get rid of it by eliminating stray food sources and water leaks, but having a home that is cockroach-free may require an appointment with an exterminator or pest control experts.


rodentRodents are no stranger when it comes to living in your house, but it does not mean that they are harmless. Like cockroaches, when mice decide to make your home a living spot, they can establish themselves and eat your food and water. Mice can reproduce up to 50 offspring per month. Rats carry deadly diseases and parasites like ticks, lice and fleas that can infect your pet dog and further aggravate your pest problem. Rats are very hard to catch and control as they typically avoid common baits and traps, and live in hard to reach areas such as under porches, between wall voids and in the attic. There are some ways to prevent entry and that includes sealing your home, and other catching techniques like cage traps and sticky traps, but if they persist, exterminators and experienced pest removal can do the work for you and save you valuable time and money.


antThese small insects are right at home in the temperature and climate of Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona has the most species of ants than any other state, having 318 species, and not all of them are peaceful. These ants are quick to find and swarm over food that is left unprotected. Once they establish that a household has plenty of food sources, they move in and swarm without hesitation. It can be very hard to kill these tiny creatures, let alone find their source. Fire ants are the most destructive of the bunch, although they rarely found in the state of Arizona. These creatures are carnivores and consume anything and everything in their path. Small animals do not stand a chance, and if they are left unchecked, can pose a greater problem than their pest counterparts. If your home is not made of treated wood carpenter ants may also take an interest and literally eat your house away. Using solutions that deter and keep ants away can be one of the solutions, as well as homemade ingredients such as caulk is not for everyone, especially if they have pets and small children. Pest control and exterminators would know how to find the main source of ants and remove it before it causes any more problems.


termiteJust the mention of the word termite causes alarm and panic among homeowners, and the Phoenix, Arizona is home to one of the most destructive species – the Drywood termite. In the high desert, these pesky creatures like to find moisture and can single out your home, with its wood that contain about 12% or less content. They settle and eat away the wood and leave line galleries. Remember that once a termite infestation is suspected, it is not just one part of the house that can be affected, but the entire structure itself. It is estimated that termites cause billions of dollars in property damage annually. Do not let your house become a statistic and purchase wood materials that are treated with chemicals to prevent termites. If the worst scenario happens and termites are already incorporated into the wood, Let the expert pest control and exterminators do what they do best and annihilate the problem once and for all.

The solution provided is just temporary and for small-scale pest invasions. If all else fails, exterminators and pest control companies are certainly equipped to deal with and eradicate their presence in your home. Don’t wait and think that they will just go away- instead, seek help from the experts and you will be happy that you did.