stage your home with house cleaning

Stage Your Home For Selling By Having it Professionally Cleaned

Anyone who has bought a home before can tell you, that you can go through dozens of homes seemingly looking at the same thing, until eventually you see the house that makes you say “This is it. This feels like home.”

And from the other side, anyone who has sold their home knows that the ordeal can be frustrating to try and hope that someone feels that way about entering your house and wanting to write up an offer for purchase!

First Impression is Very Important When Selling

So what sorts of things can you do to try and better position your home for sale? Well, obviously there is the usual stuff like keep the beds tidy, turn on some lights and leave the cat with a friend or family member. However, something that is often overlooked is the general cleanliness of your home, which is going to be the new buyers first impression.

Have you ever noticed when you go to a friend’s house, that there home a distinct smell, one that can be good, bad or indifferent? Well, you generally won’t notice what your own home smells like, but visitors sure will!

The selling process can be stressful enough with having to determine where you want to move, line up financing, timing of the sale and purchase, packing, the list goes on. Why not alleviate some of your burdens and hire a professional house cleaning company?

Getting your house professionally cleaned in an effort to stage it for sale is not only something that saves you the time in doing it, but it also changes the buyers perception when they enter your home. They are more likely to find themselves immediately being warmer about your home when they come through the door and have a clean, fresh smell.

A House Cleaning Company May See and Smell Things You Don’t

House cleaners can sometimes be more observant about your home as well when passing through the home and being your own front-line maintenance team. From pointing out chipped paint to needing to grout the bathroom shower stall, they will generally be able to find some imperfections in the home that are minor, but can change a buyers first impression when touring through your home.

Even if you are a good house cleaner and take good care of your home, there are areas that you may neglect without even knowing it. That cobweb that you’ve ignored and no longer noticed in the lighting fixture can be removed with the expert care of a professional. They will even get into scrubbing the corners of your tile flooring and baseboards, again, taking the level of deep clean up a notch higher than most people do when cleaning their own home.

Buying a new home should be exciting and a fun thing for you and your family! Ignore the messy parts of scrubbing toilets and walls, and leave that to a professional house cleaning company to make your house shine when it’s ready to hit the market.