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If you’re a realtor and spend hours in the car for showings and listings, a car accident on your driving record could greatly increase your rates. If you were in a recent accident and you were cited for the accident, you want to hire a car accident lawyer to fight the ticket. Bring the citation and information regarding the accident to your first consultation. Or, if you search for a lawyer online, go to the website of a lawyer that allows you to upload the information of the citation for review.

Is there evidence of the cause of the accident?

If you were ticketed for speeding when the collision occurred, or if the officer ticketed you and said you were driving recklessly, was there evidence? If you know that they caused the accident, you want to get proof. If there were no eye witnesses to make a statement, and it’s your word against the other driver’s, your lawyer will want to get the black box out of the vehicle. 

A majority of vehicles on the road today contain a data recorder, also known as a black box. This recorder will have proof of how fast you were going when the collision took place, if you were wearing your seat belt and more. Your lawyer may also want the box out of the other vehicle. Your lawyer will have to file a court order to get it, but then they can compare the information. 

What was the other driver doing at the time of the accident?


If the other driver’s box shows that they were turning, breaking, or doing something else that was sudden, which caused the accident, then you may be able to get the citation dropped. Once you get rid of the ticket, and you can prove the other driver caused the crash, the other driver’s insurance provider should have to pay for the accident. This prevents you from having to make a claim, so your insurance rates don’t go up.

If there is no evidence that the car accident lawyer can use, they will try to fight the ticket saying there is a lack of evidence, or they may try to work out a plea deal. A plea deal is a bargain, and it can help you get the ticket lowered. Instead of getting a ticket for reckless operation, you may be able to get a speeding ticket. If the speeding ticket is for a large amount over the regulated limit, your lawyer may be able to get it dropped for just a few miles over the limit.

Keep your record clean to insurance rates low

The worse the charge, the more you will have to pay in fines, and the higher your insurance it is going to go. Realtor’s often have to pay high insurance rates because they drive throughout the day on busy roads and streets, they put many miles on the vehicle, and they often have passengers. You can try to keep your rates low by keeping your record clean, and fighting tickets. 

You don’t want to talk to your insurance company, or the company of the other driver until you have spoken with a car accident lawyer. You don’t want to take the fault, and you don’t want them to talk you into signing any paperwork without your car accident lawyer’s approval. What you want to do is go here and allow the lawyer to begin working on your behalf. 

Final tip – first steps after an accident

Have a look at the video below for some tips from Central Insurance on first steps after an accident.