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What’s Driving the Condo-Building Frenzy in Phoenix?

Phoenix is seeing a boom in housing construction, but this is taking the form of condos, lofts, and townhomes. In fact, the ratio of shared housing developments to single family homes is stunning, with the shared dwellings surpassing SFHs (single family homes) easily. The Phoenix metropolitan area is growing at a staggering rate; while the […]

Understanding Reverse Mortgages

What is a reverse mortgage? Reverse mortgage basically is the exact opposite of the traditional type. It reverses the normal flow of home-equity mortgage payments. Instead of the homeowner making payments to the financial institution to settle the mortgage, the bank extends a loan to the homeowner in exchange for its eventual claim on the […]

5 Common But Dangerous Pests in Phoenix, AZ

Pests are aptly named due to the inconvenience that they cause. Common household pests are rarely peaceful, and they wreak havoc to our health, family and property. It worsens and becomes a difficult problem when these pests invade your home and breed in it, creating a more serious problem – infestation. Here are some of […]

Arizona Fast Facts

This is a great info graphic about Arizona courtesy of Maps of the World. Many people think the name “Arizona” came from the Spanish phrase meaning “arid zone”. Arizona is one of the “Four Corners” states of the American Southwest located directly to the south and east of California. Most of Arizona is a desert, […]

Arizona Newcomer Information

Automotive Information: Drivers Licenses are issued by the State of Arizona and are required for newcomers as soon as residency has taken place. Proof of and and identity is needed.(birth certificate, previous drivers license, etc.) You must also pass a vision test, and possibly a written and road test. Drivers license fees are based on […]